Dampol SP. Z.O.O.

Dampol SP. Z.O.O. is our Polish site from where we buy and sell unweaned calves, starter calves, cattle for slaughter, pigs, sheep and heavy livestock in East Europe. At our Polish site we have a European control post, which is also used for third parties.  Dampol also has its own lorries.
Dampol SP. Z.O.O.
Romanów 2
98-235 Błaszki, Poland
NIP 884-00-23-272
Tel. +48 (0)500272112
Fax +48 (0)8293603
E-mail: dampol5@wp.pl

Purchasing and sales:

Czeslaw Swider +48 (0)512383516 dampol5@wp.pl
Arie Jan van Dam +31 (0)6-53363185 ariejan@damveebv.nl
Gert Jan van Dam +31 (0)6-55186247 gertjan@damveebv.nl